Nurse Call

Jeron provides an extensive offering of nurse call systems to meet the alerting and communication requirements of your healthcare facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities and clinics.

Provider 790 Nurse Call

The Provider 790 utilizes IP communications for complete alerting, reporting and workflow solutions scalable to an entire campus.

Provider 680 Nurse Call

The Provider 680 Nurse Call System is a powerful integrated communications solution which improves patient care and satisfaction.

Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call

The Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call includes both Audio-Visual and Tone-Visual options which meet the alerting and notification needs of your care facilities.

Pro-Alert 610 Nurse Call

The Pro-Alert 610 Nurse Call instantly provides staff members with notification of patients needing attention using tones and indicators at the Nurse Consoles, Duty Stations and Dome Lights outside of patient areas.