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The Real Life Impact of Fire Suppression – A Client’s True Story

At Bison Fire Protection we hear from our customers before and after we’re needed. We want to share with you a story from one of our customers. For privacy we have left out their name.

“As a restaurant owner, my number one focus is ensuring the best customer experience possible. It truly requires me to remain proactive around assessing what the restaurant as well as the customer needs are at all times. That said, the one thing that is often overlooked is how prepared we are in the case of a potential catastrophic event, like fire. The one thing you can’t prepare for is human error or an accident. Based on recent events, I am reaffirming my commitment to ensuring the highest level of fire safety at all times.

Now, I am sure you can imagine my panic learning that a pot was left on the stove with the burner turned on. Now, imagine the pot boiled completely dry with the contents now aflame. This is the ultimate nightmare for any restaurant owner. I truly breathed a sigh of relief learning that the system discharged and extinguished the fire as designed. At first, I didn’t even realize there was a fire. One of Bison Fire’s experts was immediately dispatched and helped me to fully understand the value of always being fire ready.

I really appreciate and will definitely be adding these great tips to my fire safety readiness plan:

  • Always ensure cooking appliances are turned off at the end of the day and that all food, prep ingredients, and oils are stored correctly for both health and fire safety.
  • Ensure staff are correctly trained in fire safety and operation of fire equipment.
  • Make sure inspections are current.
  • Make sure any deficiencies are repaired and the fire system is fully operational

Thank you again for your commitment to ensuring I am always prepared and saving the business that I worked so hard to build.”

Thank you to this customer for taking the time to write about this event and for letting us know about the positive impact our team has had on your business.

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