Fire Alarm Reporting

Anyone that owns a building with a fire alarm system knows the importance of getting a clean inspection report. It keeps both the fire prevention officers and your insurance provider smiling.

Many people didn’t realize that fire code changes took effect on January 1, 2024. The new code requirements are in place to reflect ever changing fire alarm system technology, and of course ever changing construction materials that burn hotter, are more toxic, and are harder to fight.

Some of the changes include;


  • Standardized formats – This alleviates deviations 
  • Includes an new tabular format 
  • They shall be utilized to create the Monthly Inspection and Test Records


  • Device or system does not operate as intended; 
  • Is installed in a location which is not readily accessible for service, testing, maintenance purposes due to safety considerations; 
  • Is installed in an environment which is not compatible with the documented operating conditions of the specific device; or 
  • Is installed in an orientation or location not specifically indicated by the Installation Instructions of the specific device. 
  • System and device installation locations may differ from those described in CAN/ULC-S524 if a performance based design and alternate solution documents were submitted and approved by the authority having jurisdiction for the system under test. 


  • Recommendation is a proposal or suggestion as to the best course of action for improvement of system components or system operation / installation, including safety considerations
  • Identifying antiquated or obsolete equipment; 
  • Availability of newer cost effective technology; or 
  • Alternate methods of detection. 


  • Instructions for resetting the system and silencing alarm signals 
  • Instructions for silencing the trouble signal and action to be taken when the trouble signal sounds 
  • Description of the function of each operating control and indicator on the fire alarm unit 
  • Description of the area of fire zone protected by each alarm detection circuit 
  • Description of ancillary devices controlled by the fire alarm system
  • Equipment operating instructions or manuals 
  • Equipment maintenance or testing instructions 
  • Name and contact information of the installing and servicing company of the fire alarm system 

We often get questions regarding Deficiencies vs. Recommendations. We’ve touched on some points here but there is much more. We are always happy to clear the smoke on new issues. Contact us and we’ll make sure everything is clear. 


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