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Fire Alarm Systems

When it comes to safety, you need to be able to rely on your fire alarm system to protect your assets and the people important to you, from unexpected danger.

The Bison Fire Protection team are leading experts in the following professional services:

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions, never compromising on safety, quality, or trust. That is our promise to you 24/7/365.

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World class products to meet your needs.

From safeguarding employees and the business, fully utilizing the building, maximizing operational efficiency, ensuring system integrity, to fulfilling legal requirements to comply with standards and regulations, a wide range of needs must be fulfilled. Protection gives you certainty. The fire safety systems from Siemens provide unbeatable accuracy and ease-of-use for building personnel, installers, and firefighters. All the features that make it so simple to handle are designed to reduce costs over the life of the system. We trust that the Fire Safety Systems from Siemens provide the most innovative features including:
  • Flexible architecture
  • Time-and-money saving installation
  • The world’s largest standard fire system screen
  • Unrivaled message capacity for clear, accurate, and timely alarm message descriptions.
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Building Owners, Electrical Engineers, and Electrical Contractors all benefit from Siemens’ new addressable isolation technology.

With Siemens built-in ISOtechnology™, you save cost in design, installation, energy, and all future maintenance. Siemens Built-in ISOtechnology™ provides virtual circuit survivability, and a short in one zone doesn’t affect another zone or impede normal system operation.
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Everyone fears the day a fire will take over a building, potentially harming the people who work inside, the assets you keep, the business you run. But when signs of a fire can be detected as early as possible, you increase your odds of keeping everyone and everything safe. With the Cerberus PRO Modular intelligent fire detection system, you’re ready to effectively respond to any fire in less time than it takes to draw a single breath.

Cerberus PRO Modular is Siemens’ large market solution featuring the power of FireFinder XLS with new innovations to meet the latest codes and standards. The modular system adds many innovative capabilities and features available for the Cerberus PRO fire portfolio, such as Class X I/O modules with built-in isolation and an addressable notification appliance booster

The Cerberus PRO Modular system is fully backward compatible with the latest versions of XLS and the modular network will communicate with existing networks. If they have not yet migrated their MXL to an XLS, MXL will migrate to Cerberus PRO Modular.

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