Manitoba OFC Bulletin
# OFC2023-03

In October of 2023 the Office of the Fire Commissioner issued Bulletin # OFC2023-03. This bulletin is specifically for “Special Fire Suppression Systems” and it will make a positive impact on a number of industries.

What is a Special Fire Suppression System?

These special systems are either Pre-Engineered wet or dry chemical, or Engineered clean gas.

Pre-Engineered systems are used in a variety of areas such as: 

  • Restaurants & Commercial Cooking operations
  • Autobody Shops in the paint booths or paint mix rooms
  • Mobile equipment used in Mines, Forestry Landfills and much more

Engineered systems are used in a variety of areas such as:

  • Data Rooms
  • CNC machines and manufacturing
  • Dust collectors
  • Engine rooms and much more

Why was this bulletin released?

“The Office of the Fire Commissioner has been made aware of instances where installations and/or maintenance of special fire suppression systems are being completed by persons without proper qualifications and certification.”

This was ruled on by the courts after the OFC presented evidence supporting the need for stronger enforcement.

Does this affect me?

If you are currently working with a properly certified service provider it will not change. Should you discover your provider isn’t certified seek out a provider that has made that investment into their business and technicians.

Imagine the conversation with your insurance provider if you are in breach of fire code.

How do I ensure I am using a certified service provider?

This is quite easy actually:

  • Request current copies of their certification. Email is very effective for sending PDF’s.
  • Review the website of the manufacturer of your system. Keep in mind they may be slow in updating, and some don’t list their distributors on line.
  • Contact the manufacturer of your system. They will get you in touch with their local distributors. This as important to system manufacturers as it is to the insurance industry.

The last thing you want is…..

“Not proceeding in this fashion may result in further engagement by the AHJ where enforcement tools as provided under The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act may be exercised.”

Contact us today and let’s work on protecting you! 

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