Your fire protection systems should receive regular inspections performed by a trained professional.

When you commit to a schedule of inspections, small, easy-to-remedy problems that can potentially cause sensors or sprinklers to operate at decreased efficiency or even fail entirely can be fixed before there is an emergency, and larger issues won’t turn into catastrophic ones.

Keeping your building and its occupants safe from fire means trusting that the network of fire protection equipment you’ve installed will work when it is needed.

But your reliance on fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinklers, and fire alarms should not be a matter of blind faith.

Inspections are a vital part of this care because annual checks will turn up any issues that might impact the performance of the fire protection devices in your building.

Staying code-compliant is an important reason to stick to a schedule when it comes to your fire protection systems, but more importantly you should commit to a regular inspection schedule because the after-effects of a fire can be huge.

You’ll lose money, your building’s occupants will lose their homes or livelihoods, and people may even lose their lives.

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