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Over the years we have had the pleasure of protecting the people of Manitoba with fire protection services they need and can count on.  We often have people ask what exactly it is that we do, and we realize that when we say we provide fire protection services that it may mean different things to different people.  

Take for example someone who is interested in our fire sprinkler services in Winnipeg. Of course, our services include not only sprinkler systems, but also fire sprinkler system servicing and inspections.  These fire sprinkler systems are often seen in multilevel facilities, manufacturer and industrial settings, apartment blocks, big box stores and more.  Regular inspections help find and locate deficiencies and repairs that need to be addressed as soon as possible.  Everyday occurrences such as accidents on site or freezing can make sprinkler systems go off any moment. Bison Fire Protection offers 24/7/365 service, so you have peace of mind and know that we are available when you need us. 

Our services don’t stop there, as it’s important to keep in mind that fire sprinkler systems are usually tied into fire alarm systems. As specialists, we have trained professionals who do the servicing and inspections on fire alarm systems as well.  

At Bison Fire Protection, our specialists and technicians are trained in the latest technologies and processes in fire protection. We feel it is important to invest in our team, so they are able to do your fire protection system inspections and repairs quickly and efficiently.  

When you ask, “Is there a fire protection company near me?” the answer is a resounding YES!  We recognize that you can’t bring your system to us, so naturally we need to come to you. This is why you can find Bison Fire Protection all over the province, including Winnipeg, Thompson, and Brandon, Manitoba, as well as Regina, Saskatchewan and we regularly support businesses in Nunavut. 

Fire suppression systems are often used to suppress and extinguish fires and are usually found in places like restaurants, commissary kitchens, and even paint spray booths in autobody shops.  Because we take a complete approach to fire protection, it is not unusual for our team to be called in to inspect a fire suppression system, fire alarm system, and fire sprinkler system all at one location.  We do it all and we do it right. 

What about fire hoses and emergency lighting? You can count on Bison Fire Protection to make sure everything is running at peak performance.   We service and inspect emergency lighting of all sizes, from small packs to large, complicated systems with multiple heads and large battery systems as backup when the power goes out during an emergency. The Bison Fire Protection team even inspects and services fire hoses.  Over time, as hoses sit in fire hose cabinets on the wall, they can age and become damaged, so high-pressure hydro testing is critical to ensure your fire hose is operating safely during an emergency. 

Arranging for an inspection and servicing of your fire protection equipment and systems is easy at Bison Fire Protection. In fact, we made it stress free so you by making sure you only need to call one number to speak to a coordinator. One call does it all!  Our coordinator will discuss the services you need and have one of our friendly, experienced technicians come out to your site. 

So, if you need fire suppression, fire alarm, or fire sprinkler services, you have the experienced team at Bison Fire Protection on your side. At Bison Fire Protection your safety is not negotiable. 

Thompson office is moving on Nov 30, 2022

The new address is: B-200 Hayes Rd, Thompson, MB R8N 1M4