Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kidde Sentinel Stands Guard

The technological improvements in the fire industry never end.  As companies continue to invent new products, and materials to build them fire protection manufacturers continue to be challenged with products that will extinguish the inevitable fires.

Heavy industrial fires can be more devastating than other fires in that if they occur underground miners need to be able to access safe rooms quickly. These rooms are designed to keep people safe until help arrives sometimes days away. The Forestry Industry and Steel Mills are others with far reaching effect. As such having the products and training to support these industries is critical

The Kidde Sentinel System builds upon their long history of providing reliable and highly effective fire protection. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications and industries the Kidde Sentinel System has been designed and tested to endure the most rugged environments.

Kidde Sentinel System Highlights:

    *NEW* AquaGreen XT™ wet chemical agent, the first Factory Mutual approved aqueous agent for primary fire protection.

    Operating temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to 200°F (93°C)!

    IP-66 and NEMA 4 Sentinel control packages, from cables to control panel enclosures.

    Pre-terminated ‘plug-and-play’ cabling, reduces installation time, increases reliability and helps prevent installation errors.

    Flexible hose layout and nozzle coverage options provide flexible and unobtrusive installations.

    Unique control configurations allow field programming of options including discharge and relay delays, and system power options that include self-contained battery operation.

    Available cylinder pressure supervision that provides real time response to a low pressure agent cylinder condition.

Additional Features:

    Dependable stored pressure extinguishing units prevent contamination of the agent and ensure system readiness.

    IR detection which combines rapid response with industry leading false alarm immunity.

    Field programmable control panels with optional laptop interface providing access to the available 4,000 event system log.

    Unbeatable flexibility for dual discharge systems with variable delay between discharges and relay contact operation.

    Networkable control system for up to twelve zones with fully functional ‘repeater’ interface.

    Service timer feature allows range of operating hours to be selected before ‘service due’ light is activated.

    Safe protractor actuator used throughout – no explosive squib or gas discharge actuators used.

    Operator dimmable display to deal with full range of ambient light conditions.

We are fortunate to support a number of manufacturer’s products. There is no “cookie cutter” solution for every situation, and different products fit into different areas. Having that flexibility is why…….



If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Bison Fire Receives Kidde Sentinel Training

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Mentor, Train, Repeat

I don’t think it’s a secret that we train our people. I’ve written about it many times, I also think we do a fairly good job teaching them the value of customer service. These are lessons that you can find all over social media. Many talk about it, we live it. The problem becomes demonstrating to others that these lessons are being put into action in the real world. The nice thing is that every once in a while you get feedback saying our efforts are paying off, and customers appreciate what is being done for them.

This happened last week when we received and email from Lonny Peters Loewen of Red River Mutual that made all the work worthwhile. His email reinforced to me that we’re on the right path, and that customers do notice the extra effort it takes to walk the high road.

You don’t have to read many of my posts to know how much I appreciate what my people do every day. It’s very gratifying to see it come back in such a positive way.

Bison Fire Protection is a wonderful company to work with! They are fast, courteous and reliable. We placed a large order that needed to be completed quickly and affordably and Bison Fire Protection exceeded our expectations! They were able to provide us with a fair quote for our project even suggested alternative options to keep on our budget. Throughout the process we were provided with updates on the status of our project and it was even completed in less than half of the projected time frame! We will certainly be working with Bison Fire Protection in the future and look forward to working with their wonderful staff for years to come.


Lonny Peters Loewen

Loss Prevention Coordinator

Red River Mutual

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ansul CheckFire SC-N Phase Out

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Ansul has been a leader in mining fire protection for decades. When I saw the displays for the new CheckFire 110 & 210 at the International Mining Conference in 2012 I knew they had a winner. Since that time we have installed many of these new control systems for customers who appreciated being shown the new technology, and saw the value in keeping their fire equipment current.

One of the things that I appreciate and respecte from Ansul is their commitment to quality in the field. They developed a two day training course that takes technicians completely through the new systems so they understand all of the available benefits of the CheckFire. Ansul has only made the product available to the companies that invested in that training to ensure installation and service was at a very high level. What this means is that you can be an Ansul A-101 dealer, but not be given access to the new product. This is a bold approach, and the right one.

Since the release of the CheckFire Ansul has also been proactive in making distributors and customers aware that the old CheckFire SC-N would be phased-out. The final notice comes into effect June 1, 2015 and can be downloaded here. Other CHECKFIRE SC-N Detection and Actuation components will also be available as spare parts for seven years contingent upon availability from vendors. If you haven’t had an opportunity to see the CheckFire 110 & 210 please feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration.

We are very diligent in staying current with changes in the market, and products that enhance the safety of our customers. Working with partners like Ansul is another example of how we continue to say……..

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Ansul CHECKFIRE 210 at Bison Fire Protection

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Use Caution With Cartridges

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Refilling suppression system cartridges is not for the faint of heart. Ansul has been using Cartridges as a means of storing their suppression system, and extinguisher agent for a very long time with a very high degree of success. What this means is that instead of storing pressure in the cylinder there is a separate cartridge attached that when punctured releases gas into the system forcing the agent out in a regulated way to the nozzles where it extinguishes the fire. 

As you can imagine Ansul is very protective of such a vital part of their systems allowing only a few highly trained and certified companies to perform this procedure outside of their own manufacturing facility. There is a high level of liability that comes with offering this service. We as re-fillers assume the loss if a cartridge we have refilled fails. The larger concern is when service companies choose to fill cartridges without any certification using non OEM parts, and not following protocols. In the event of a failure Ansul will not assume any liability as such everything falls back on the service provider, and the hope that they have sufficient insurance to cover the losses, some will, many won’t.

There are many steps to follow to ensure a safe refill of a cartridge. When you consider they are sitting with 1800 PSI stored pressure this is something you want to treat with respect. Asking for proof of certification isn’t an insult, and if you are not sure play it safe. As mentioned earlier not many are given this level of certification, and few take the steps necessary to ensure compliance. The business you protect is your own take a minute to research qualifications it’s worth it.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Blown Ansul Cartridge Top ViewBlown Ansul Cartridge Side View

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Business Partnerships Work

I’ll never forget that day back in May of 2010. The phone rang with Siemens Building Products on the other end. “We hear you’re starting to make an impact in the fire alarm industry, and we want to discuss having you become a Siemens Value Added Partner", or VAP as distributors are known to Siemens. We had been having success selling another product, but in the fire alarm world Siemens was the big league and they wanted us. I know how professional players feel when they get called up to the majors because that was the call I had just received. I remember walking into Emile’s office and telling him the news then taking a while to get him to believe I wasn’t joking.

Since that time we have worked hard to earn the faith that they had given us to not only sell their products, but to do it in a professional manner, to truly represent them as a company with their history, and credibility expects. The partnership has been a very clear two way street, in support and training from them translating into product in the field from us. They have included us in many of their schools, internal product advisory committees, and international product launches & awards shows (usually held somewhere warm when it’s cold here). As I said we’re playing in the big league.

I was both surprised and pleased to find out we have become their third largest VAP in Canada. Having met many of the VAP’s at various functions across Canada I know we are working with some solid professional companies, and to be ranked that high among them is an honour, and have since jokingly told the two in front of us to watch out the herd is stampeding.

Getting where we are today has been accomplished by a lot of hard work and dedication from everyone at Bison Fire. The accolades are nice but our job is far from over. However continued support from our partners will make our goals much easier to reach.

If you can make it burn, we can put it out!

Siemens Testimonial of Bison Fire Protection

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