Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Great Service Doesn’t Just Happen

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We work very hard to ensure our technicians are the best in our industry. I’ve talked many times about the schools we send them to, the internal training we do, the clean image we want them to project, and of course the way they treat our customers and work with them to ensure they are fire code and insurance compliant with minimal expense. As I said we work hard at this.

When I received the letter from Connie’s Café it was a very nice verification that hard work pays off in positive ways! It felt very good to walk up to Ian and thank him for a job well done.  His smile and the knowledge that his work isn’t going unnoticed were very satisfying for both of us. Many of our technicians have been with us for years Ian is one of them. He and other senior people also take pride in mentoring and training the newer tech’s, but this approach to business doesn’t stop in the suppression division. We introduced weekly training for our fire alarm, and sprinkler technicians a while ago and the benefits are evident. We have invited customers in occasionally so that they have a better understanding of the issues that we face every day, and the steps we need to take to ensure a smooth service experience, how we deal with deficiencies, and the process of getting repairs done in a timely cost efficient manner.

Our people are the industry experts, and they demonstrate that with every customer they meet, every project we manage, and every job site they walk on to.

They are the reason that………

There is protection within the herd!

Connies Cafe


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Siemens Introduces CO Detection

I’ve blogged a little about the Siemens Conference that we attended in February of this year. There were a number of new products announced for 2014. One of the products that caught my eye was the new CO detectors that Siemens is very proud of.

Cerberus PRO detectors with unique ASA technology (ASA = Advanced Signal Analysis), and more than 20 selectable profiles quickly and reliably detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. The intelligence of twenty selectable parameter sets makes the detectors immune to deceptive phenomena, which in turn prevents unnecessary downtimes and costs caused by false alarms.

  • No False Alarm Guarantee prevents unnecessary downtime and costs caused by false alarms
  • Reliable detection with virtually no false alarms thanks to unique forward and backward light scattering technology and redundant sensors
  • Increased flexibility thanks to more than 20 selectable detection profiles and CO detection
  • RoHS-compliant and replacement for ionization detectors make these detectors an environmentally friendly solution
  • Very Early Warning Fire Detectors comply with NFPA 76 (Telecommunication Standard), UL 2075 and NFPA 720

ASA technology is so intelligent and reliable that it even prevents false alarms and the associated costs. Another benefit is flexibility: If room usage changes, simply load another parameter set that fits the new requirements into your existing detector.

It’s this type of innovation that makes Siemens Fire Alarm systems head and shoulders above anything else on the market. If you want to know more about these detectors, other devices, or what’s on the horizon for Siemens please contact Phil Pickering our Sales Manager schedule an in house training seminar.

There is protection within the herd!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Bison Receives Ansul's Double Diamond Award

Ansul has been one of our top suppliers for over 10 years. Their support as we have grown has been tremendous, and as we have grown they have increased the number of different product lines available to us. In return for this support we have done our best to represent their products in a very professional way, have invested in the technical training they offer, and ensure that training benefits our customers. Ansul has also suggested there are more product lines coming our way!

The product lines we currently support include;

  • SENTRY / CLEANGUARD / K-GUARD Extinguishers
  • RED LINE Cartridge-Operated Extinguishers
  • R-102 Restaurant Pre-Engineered Systems
  • Vehicle Pre-Engineered Systems
  • Foam Agents, Foam Hardware
  • PIRANHA Restaurant Systems
  • Cartridge Refiller

It was a surprise and pleasure to have Stuart Crabbe drop by the office today with an armload of gifts, and the announcement that we had now become Double Diamond distributors, and that we had won another pacesetter award!

The Diamond Alliance partnership is based on achieving measurable goals established by Ansul. At this time less that 20% of Ansul dealers have Double Diamond status. Companies that achieve Double Diamond Alliance status must earn that partnership every year. We’ll have to put the work boots on to reach Triple Diamond status, but every person here at Bison Fire has the dedication needed to get the job done, and I’m confident that we will.

There is protection within the herd!

Ansul Double Diamond AwardAnsul Double Diamond Wall PlaquePacesetter Awards

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

James Bryden Joins Bison Fire Protection

Our Sprinkler division has been growing every year since we originally began servicing sprinklers back in 2008. Our purchase of Protec Sprinklers in 2011 launched us firmly into the fire sprinkler estimating, and construction side of the industry, and we have also grown that part of our business very nicely having completed a number of high profile projects last year such as Cabela’s, and the Walmart Superstore in Steinbach to name a couple.

As we continued to grow the need for additional expertise became apparent and when we talked with James Bryden we knew that we had found a person that fit into The Herd perfectly. James has 18 years in the sprinkler industry with 9 as a pipe fitter, and the rest in estimation, and project management. As we spoke we realized that his dedication to professional service, and customer care mirrored ours, and the decision to have him join us became an easy one.

The sprinkler industry has no shortage of unique requirements whether it’s from a construction point of view, a code issue, or meeting the needs of the customer. James has the experience, and expertise to ensure that every project we do will be done to meet our very high standards, while meeting or exceeding fire code, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

There is protection within the herd!

James Bryden

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bison Fire Protection Is Safe To The COR!

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Last week I got the letter from CSAM (Construction Safety Association of Manitoba) telling us that we had successfully completed ou COR Certification and all privileges that come with it! It was a very exciting day and the culmination of a lot of hard work done by everyone in this office. They deserve (and have received) a huge pat on the back for their efforts.

Because of our relationship to the safety industry we have always appreciated what COR does for the businesses and people that have earned the high rankings that come with COR. As an employer I never want my people hurt at work or at home, and I know my staff and their families very well. Many started here as single guys that now have wives and children that we see around the office or at any one of the several staff functions we do throughout the year this is personal for me.

Through the process of becoming COR Certified an interesting development occurred. Maurice Guimond took complete ownership of the process for certification, and worked very closely with the staff at 1 Life Workplace Safety and Health to create a process that would be easy for the rest of the staff to adhere to, and that would remain sustainable for many years to come. With Maurice fully engaged in his task he then brought the rest of the staff up several notches in their commitment to safety and in doing so he took a group of people that already worked incredibly well together and brought them even closer. He fully prepared them for the audits, and before you knew it they were coaching each other, and helping reduce the stress that being quizzed by an auditor can create.

We have always had a great group of people I’ve said as much in many previous posts but having gone through the COR Certification process we are not only safer, but as a group stronger with a renewed desire to watch each other’s backs in safety, to support each other in training and product knowledge, and of course customer service. As I said we are safe to the COR!

There is protection within the herd!

Bison Fire Protection is COR Certified!


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