Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How to Choose the Right Fire Alarm System for Your Business

Bison Fire's Guide to the right fire alarm system

In your place of business, ensuring the safety of your employees in the case of a fire-related emergency is crucial. As a business owner, you do everything that you can to protect your business both in terms of safety and legality, including having a high-quality and effective fire alarm system. However, with such a wide variety of fire alarm systems available on the modern market, making the right choice for your place of business may not be an obvious one.

A well-designed fire alarm system is one that keeps your employees and your business safe by protecting the building and its contents entirely. In order to choose the right commercial fire alarm system for your business, consult a fire protection expert, and ask yourself the following questions about your business:

1.  “How big is my commercial space?”

Is your business located in a small building, or multiple units in a tower space? The type of commercial space that you occupy has a big impact in the type of fire alarm system you need.

Basic systems are great for businesses in small buildings that a fire can easily be found. But for larger buildings, members of your local fire department will need help in determining where exactly a fire is, which is what a sophisticated fire alarm system can provide.

2. “What risk factors does My business have?”

Every business is different, therefore, so are the fire risks surrounding it. A fire alarm system must be able to alert everyone in the building that there is a fire, including people who are hearing impaired, blind, or have other issues that may require a different method of alerting them to a fire.

It’s important to remember a fire alarm system simply let’s people know that there is a fire risk, so ensure that your commercial space is also equipped with smoke detectors, heat sensors, and a sprinkler system.

3. “Does my business require constant monitoring?”

If you’re business doesn’t run on a 24 hour basis, implementing a 24/7 monitoring system will help catch fires when you’re not at your job. These systems are especially important for large warehouses or computer-based businesses who have a considerable amount of money and product present in their commercial space.

24/7 fire alarm monitoring systems can notify the your local fire department for you, or notify you directly in case of a fire, making sure that your commercial space is protected and safe.

Discuss Your Choices with a Fire Safety Professional

The most effective way to choose a fire alarm system that perfectly fits your unique commercial space is to consult with a fire safety professional. These experts have the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you and your employees feel safe within your place of business. 

Looking for superior fire alarm specialists? Contact Bison Fire Protection for service in Winnipeg, Thompson, Kenora, Brandon, Regina, or Saskatoon. Contact us for your fire protection solutions and services today.


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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bison Fire Protection Inc. Ranks No. 370 on the 2017 PROFIT 500

Bison Fire Protection   Bison Fire Protection PROFIT 500 2017

–Canadian Business unveils 29th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies –

Winnipeg (September 14, 2017) Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked Bison Fire Protection Inc. No. 370 on the 29th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Published in the October issue of Maclean’s magazine and at, the PROFIT 500 ranks Canadian businesses by their five-year revenue growth.

Bison Fire Protection Inc. made the 2017 PROFIT 500 list with five-year revenue growth of 139%.

“It is never easy to earn a spot on the PROFIT 500, but this year’s applicant pool was the most competitive yet,” says Deborah Aarts, PROFIT 500 program manager. “This year’s winners demonstrate the resilience, innovation and sheer management smarts it takes to build a thriving business today. Canada—and the world—needs more entrepreneurial success stories like these.”

“Bison Fire Protection Inc. is proud to be on the PROFIT 500 ranking for the fifth straight year,” says President Rob Read. “This achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of our team and the quality of our products.”

Offering Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, and Fire Suppression products in three provinces at the industrial and commercial levels has many rewards. Knowing the products we install and service save businesses from severe loss is secondary to the lives we protect on a daily basis. We take pride in receiving Ansul’s Diamond Award for sales and service excellence. As well as our President Rob Read receiving the Director of the Year award from The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

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About Bison Fire Protection

Bison Fire Protection is committed to providing superior services and products for our customers.

Since our establishment in 2001, Bison Fire Protection has grown rapidly to help meet the safety needs of our customers. We began as a fire extinguisher and automatic suppression provider, and have since grown into a full-service fire suppression business which now also includes fire alarm and automatic sprinkler system installations. Our team is committed not only to providing professional fire protection service and solutions, but also to helping educate our customers and train them on how to stay safe. As part of our commitment to you, our customer, we ensure that all Bison Fire Protection staff are trained and certified by each of our suppliers.

About the PROFIT 500 For 29 years, the PROFIT 500 has been Canada’s most respectable and influential ranking of entrepreneurial achievement. Developed by PROFIT and now published in Maclean’s magazine and at, the PROFIT 500 ranks Canadian companies on five-year revenue growth. For more information on the ranking visit or

About Canadian Business

Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving and most-trusted business publication in the country. It is the country's premier media brand for executives and senior business leaders. It fuels the success of Canada's business elite with a focus on the things that matter most: leadership, innovation, business strategy and management tactics. Learn more at

Media contact

Rob Read, Bison Fire Protection Inc.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Data Center Fire Protection: What You Need to Know

Bison Fire Protects Data Centres

A data center is a unique space when it comes to fire protection, and the consistent changes being made to the racks and other areas make for a challenging environment to install fire safety equipment, such as alarms and suppression systems.

Even the tiniest of fires can damage key pieces of electrical and technological equipment, resulting in an interruption of IT services and core operations. This loss of time can cost data center operators revenue over the time that the fire-damaged electronic components are being replaced.

The key to superior and effective fire protection in data centers is early detection and suppression.

Early Fire Detection in Data Centers

A large amount of smoke due to even a small fire within a data center can cause equipment failure, damage, and difficulty in responding to the fire due to the sheer amount of smoke. To effectively detect a fire early on in its burn life, the owner of a data center needs to be sure that smoke detectors are located where smoke is most likely to travel in a fire’s early stages.

These are places that are along the airflow path, such as the ceiling and close to HVAC vents. These smoke detectors should be part of a larger, sophisticated fire alarm system that notifies multiple professionals of the chance of a fire. Large data center facilities should have trained personnel who can search for the cause of the smoke who have access to thermal detectors, as many smoke-related incidents are caused by overheated equipment.

Effective Suppression Systems In Case of a Fire

For facility managers, implementing an effective fire suppression system is crucial for full-fledged fire protection, saving your center both time and money. In data centers, the primary choice of fire suppression systems may include sprinklers, pre action sprinklers, and special suppression agents such as mist, inert gas, or a clean agent.

Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the most basic option, but do have a chance of falsely discharging or leaking water onto expensive electronic equipment. These systems will automatically go off when high-heat or smoke is detected. If your data center is already equipped with a wet pipe sprinkler system, consider switching to welded pipe systems.

As for pre action suppression systems, there are two types: single and double interlock systems. For single interlock systems, they rely on separate events before activating, such as smoke or heat detector going off. Double interlock systems provide an extra level of security before sprinklers are activated, meaning that both a detector event and a sprinkler activation must go off before water even enters the pipes.

Clean agent suppression systems are the most common systems in data centers that are not water-based. These systems protect the data and IT equipment, as they are less likely to damage electronic equipment as compared to water.

Do you run a large-scale data center and require a professional opinion on the best fire protection system for your needs? For all of your fire safety needs in Winnipeg, Thompson, Kenora, Brandon, Regina, and Saskatoon, you can depend on Bison Fire Protection. Contact us for your fire protection solutions and services today.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Back-to-School Fire Safety Tips

Bison Fire's Back to School Safety Tips

With the summer season winding down, parents, children, and teachers alike must start thinking about the getting back into the classroom and the familiar routines that the school year holds.

Although schools are an extremely safe environment for students and teachers, fire safety within the premises should be taken seriously, as everyone should be prepared in the case that a real fire-related emergency should occur. Read on for a refresher on fire safety within the classroom setting.

Fire Safety for Parents and Students

Whether your child is heading to their first day of kindergarten or the first day of college, fire safety is an important conversation. Before the school year begins, take the opportunity to sit down with your child and discuss fire safety with your child or children. For young children, this is especially important, as the thought of a fire drill and actual emergency might be confusing for them. Be sure to explain exactly what a fire drill is, why they are important, and how your child should react.

First and foremost, educate and prepare your child for fire safety at home. Your child should know what to do in case of a fire, and have a general knowledge of exactly where fire safety equipment is within the home. Have monthly fire drills, and ensure that your child knows at least 2 safe ways to exit the home in case of a fire. By normalizing these fire drills within your home, your child will be better prepared for the real-world fire safety experiences that their school will regularly practice.

For college students packing up for dorms or new apartments nearby their school of choice, make sure that you and your family sit down to create a fire safety plan for your new residence, and make sure that the fire safety equipment is up to date and ready in case of an emergency.

Fire Safety for Educational Facilities

If you’re a teaching professional or staff member within a school, it is imperative that you are up-to-date with your school’s fire safety practices. By knowing exactly how to act in case of a fire-related emergency, you can educate parents and children on fire safety within your school, and be confident in your ability to help during fire drills and evacuations.

Some helpful tips for practicing fire safety within your school are:

  • Hold a fire drill at least once per month. Assess your school division's’ guidelines for how often your school should be practicing these drills.
  • Ensure that all staff members know the location of fire safety equipment such as extinguishers, alarms, and emergency exits. They should also know how to use these devices in case of an emergency.
  • Always have a roster of students handy in case of an emergency evacuation.
  • Discuss fire safety and fire drills regularly with students in the classroom, during assemblies, and after fire drills.

At Bison Fire Protection, we strive to create safe environments for schools and homes alike. With our superior fire safety equipment and knowledge, let us help you get ready for the back-to-school season by discussing your fire safety needs with us.

For more information or to schedule an appointment in Winnipeg, Kenora, Thompson, Regina, Saskatoon, or Brandon, contact us online or by calling 866-441-3473 today!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Summer Fire Safety Steps You Can Take Today

Bison's Summer Fire Safety Tips

Ah, the joys of summer. With endless days of sunshine, long bike rides on the weekend, and tonnes of outdoor cooking, us prairie people know how to make the most of the season that we wait for all year. But with the summer heat and busy days, many people forget the importance of practicing fire-safe habits in their everyday lives. Between 2010 and 2014 in the province of Manitoba, the yearly average of fires was 4,613.

Fire safety should be a year-round priority within the home and workplace, but during the summer, there are special precautions and tips that people can follow for a summer that is both fun and safe. Use the following fire-safety tips to enjoy your summer and lower your chance of encountering any fire-related emergencies.

Be Responsible With Campfires

No summer in Manitoba or Saskatchewan is complete without a long evening sitting around a campfire, toasting marshmallows, roasting hot dogs, or simply singing a couple of tunes with your loved ones. But with these fun activities comes a responsibility to maintain a safe fire that can be easily controlled. To have a safe campfire, put the following tips into practice: 

  • Only use firepits that are enclosed and that can be covered with a metal grate.
  • When camping, check with the Parks office to make sure that the weather is appropriate for campfires. If conditions are extremely dry, hot, or windy, avoid having a fire.
  • Never leave your campsite or backyard with a fire still burning. To make sure that the fire is out, use plenty of water, or smother the fire completely.
  • Watch out that small children or pets don’t get to close to a fire. Be sure to talk about fire safety with young children before they are around a fire.

Grill Safely

Whether you’re planning to grill for a family BBQ or just a nice evening at the lake, make sure that you are practicing grilling safely. This includes charcoal, propane, and electric grills. Your barbecue should be kept as far away as possible from your home and any overhanging plants or branches.

Check your barbecue on a regular basis to make sure it’s cleaned of excess grease or fat buildup. This means checking the grills and underlying trays. Just like a campfire, your grill should never be left unattended while on.

Practice Proper Equipment Maintenance

In the summer on the prairies, many homeowners are sure to have the air conditioning on full-blast and the lawn mower running regularly. However, heavy equipment such as these can be fire hazards if not properly taken care of. On HVAC equipment, dust can settle on parts of the electrical components, causing malfunctions that can start fires. Running these units regularly or for a long period can cause the machinery to overheat, which is another fire hazard.

On lawn mowers, you should be regularly removing debris such as dirt and grass clippings from the inside of your mower, it’s cutting units, and the engine. When you’re performing these duties, consult the user guide to do so safely.

Ensuring that you’re maintaining these pieces of equipment regularly will help you avoid fire-related emergencies. Store any gas you keep at home safety in an upright position, and never inside your home.

For more summer fire safety tips, or for information on what sort of fire safety equipment you’ll need to stay safe all summer long, contact the experts at Bison Fire Protection in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Kenora, Regina, and Saskatoon. Find us online, or by calling 866-441-3473 to schedule an appointment today.

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